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A slow drain, completely blocked drain, or backup in a sink, shower, or toilet is annoying, inconvenient, and unsanitary. You can trust the experts at 702 PlumbAIR for fast, safe, and reliable drain cleaning in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated company has the best tools, equipment, and technicians in the business to get rid of any clog in any drain.

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What Are the Signs of a Clogged Drain?

Sometimes, the clog isn't severe enough yet to create a complete blockage, so it's difficult to tell that you have a clog if you don't know the warning signs of one. However, quickly identifying the warning signs can help you catch a minor clog before it develops into a larger one.

Common signs of a drain clog include:

  • Fruit flies circling around your drain(s)
  • Foul smells coming from your drain(s)
  • Gurgling noises or bubbling as water goes down the drain
  • Slow drainage
  • Water pressure issues
  • Your sink backing up when you run your dishwasher
  • Frequent backups

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Common Causes of Drain Clogs

We often don’t think about how frequently our drains are used, but the reality is that they are serving their function constantly. It is only when there is a problem that we realize the importance of properly functioning drains. Over time, debris can slowly buildup inside the drainpipe until it drains slower and finally becomes completely clogged.

Our Las Vegas drain cleaning experts can eliminate common clogs, such as:

  • Objects dropped down the drain
  • Hair
  • Food particles
  • Oil or grease
  • Soap scum
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Using too much toilet paper
  • Mineral buildup inside the drainpipe

Many common drain clogs can be prevented by using care about what is put down the drains. For example, kitchen sink clogs can be minimized by not overloading the garbage disposal and keeping grease and oil out of the drain. Bathroom shower and tub drains can be kept clear using a hair strainer to prevent hair from building up.

The Best Method for Every Clog

Because there are many different types of clogs, it is important to know what is causing the clog before attempting to get rid of it. Each type of clog requires a unique approach. For example, a clog in the shower caused by hair and soap buildup is different from a soft clog, such as grease in the kitchen drain. We start by inspecting the drain to determine the type and location of the clog.

Once our technicians know what is causing your clog, they can use the most effective method for drain cleaning in Las Vegas to make sure it is completely eliminated. Our service trucks are equipped with the best equipment and tools to provide the most effective drain cleaning method for whatever is clogging your drain.

If you are struggling with a tough clog, call (702) 447-0131 for expert drain cleaning in Las Vegas.

Safe & Effective Drain Cleaning

It is best to hire a professional to make sure to get rid of the clog without causing damage to the drain. Drain cleaning liquids found in stores are not effective for fully eliminating a clog. These products can also cause damage to your drainpipe, especially in homes with older plumbing. Our plumbing technicians are equipped with the right tools and training to eliminate clogs safely and efficiently.

You won’t be left waiting for service when you call 702 PlumbAIR for drain cleaning in Las Vegas. We are available to respond to your call with same day service during our normal business hours. For drain problems that happen after hours, we have 24-hour emergency service available 7 days a week from our skilled technicians.

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